Looking ahead: 2023 Travel Trends

Looking ahead: 2023 Travel Trends

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Where are you going this year?

2022 was the year of “revenge travel”, a year where people wanted to make up for all that lost time during the two years of the pandemic. People packed up their suitcases, backpacks and trolley bags and went out to explore the world, looking for unique adventures and life changing moments. And truly there was a lot of travelling…

Our Instagram feeds were filled with content creators and seasoned travellers heading to the likes of Fiji, Colombia, Vietnam, Masai Mara, Maldives and Adelaide in Australia. Closer to home, there were trips to Jammu and Kashmir, and Kerala. And with Sri Lanka reopening and safe for tourists, there was a flurry of travellers, posing against the sunset and enjoying local grubs. 2022 became the year people reinvented themselves. 

Now that we are done with “revenge” travelling, what does 2023 hold for us? Here is a quick look at the travel trends and destinations of 2023.

The Wellness Getaway
Mental health matters and a whole lot more in 2023. Wellness breaks are making a comeback in 2023; quirky stays, alternate getaways and vacations that are filled with chakra sessions, food boot camps and even puppy yoga are welcomed. While the US has its fair share of destinations including California, the likes of Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Iceland, and Sri Lanka are also welcomed.

For the TV Lovers

Were you obsessed with Emily in Paris this year and have already mapped out your Paris trip based on the show? Then 2023 is a year dedicated to the likes of you, a traveller who finds inspiration from their favourite tv shows. Expedia reports and research have concluded that 40% of travellers find their next destination in their next tv show; so whether you want to be Carrie Bradshow and walk through the streets of New York City or find your La La Land moment in Los Angeles, your travel dreams are bound to come true. Pro tip: whilst travelling to your favoruite television cities, make sure you pack in the perfect outfits in your Safari suitcases and trolley bags; after all, when in Paris, you must look like Emily!

City Escapades

Don’t get us wrong, we all love the outdoors but in 2023, cities are making a grand comeback. Art, culture, local flavours and bylines filled with stories, cities are really perfect travel destinations. You can just strap on your Safari backpack and wander away and this is going to be big in 2023. Pack your suitcase and head to the likes of New York, Edinburgh, Dublin, Sydney, Montreal and even Bangkok. The culture capitals of the world beckon you in 2023.

Backpack through Asia

Asia is having a moment and is big on the radar of Gen Z and Millennial travelers next year. Bali, Japan, Thailand, they have all been hot favorites for travelers for years but in 2023, their tourism is going to see a spike. Make sure to pack light, carry a Safari backpack with all its pockets and space and eat every little local grub you can find.

The Bucket List
Call it a pandemic hangover or just the urge to see a whole lot more, 2023 is the year where travelers are planning to tick off locations from their bucket list.  American Express Travel reported that 74% of their respondents are ready to spend more than ever on their travel goals. 

Think extended trips across countries, exploring cities and spending nights camping under the stars, the possibilities are endless. If you are one of those who plans to hit the road and tick off at least four spots from your list, remember to pack light. Your Safari trolley bag is well-equipped with extra space, a TSI lock and wheels that let you take it to all your favorite places.

Family Time Galore

Many travellers are taking a nostalgia getaway- holidays with families that take you back to the good old school days. These trips are fueled by emotions- so imagine trips to Disneyland, to cities filled with landmarks and icons; travellers are picking emotions and time with loved ones over the usual adrenaline rush. These trips can be long, with lots of family time, so be sure to pack your Safari bag with multiple outfits that fit the weather and carry board games to spend that extra time.

2023 Destinations
Are you ready to look at the much awaited destinations of 2023? The list is a mix of everything so take your pick wisely and these are just a few of the spots you must visit.

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Woodstock, Vermont
  • Yaukuve Island, Fiji
  • New Mexico, USA
  • Halkidiki, Greece
  • Southern Scotland
  • Lima, Peru
  • Dresden, Germany
  • Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Travel in 2023 is going to be a whole new experience: break routines, eat your heart out, explore the hidden lanes of towns and cities, but, above all, find that version of you that existed before the pandemic. Make travel your best friend in 2023 and be sure to have a fitting companion in the form of a Safari luggage! You will want to bring back memories and travel with ease in 2023 and for that, you’ve got your trusted Safari.


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