For the adventure lover: Luggage that makes every journey exciting

For the adventure lover: Luggage that makes every journey exciting

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Planning a year-end getaway and hoping for an adrenaline run? We give you a list of backpacks and luggage that makes your trip worthwhile

It’s that time of the year again; you are ready to cross-off that last 2022 vacation. What better way than to end the year with an adventure? If you are the kind who loves a long trek into the Himalyas or looking to climb the Machu Pichu, remember that your packing gear is extremely important. You need something is spacious enough to hold all your essentials but also comfortable; nobody wants to lug a super heavy suitcase up the mountains or have the straps of your bag dig into your shoulders while enjoying a sunset. And if you just love some watersports mixed with sunsets and parties, well, that’s an adventure too and you need the best kind of luggage for that as well!

While picking your adventure luggage, remember that space and comfort are key. A backpack with extra space for your water-bottle, a light suitcase with ample of space or even a hard suitcase with easy mobility, all of these count for a good luggage on what could be an exhausting trip. Here is a list of the top backpacks, suitcases and carry-on bags that would make for a great travel companion, especially when on an adventure.

  1. Safari Seek- Overnighter
    Imagine trekking to an alpine lake in the peak of winter! The Brahmtal trek in Uttrakhand is a must-do for those who are fascinated by picturesque views. The Safari Seek would be perfect for a trek like this. The backpack is expandable so enough space for your warm clothes and has interiors designed specially to give comfort, safety and flexibility while packing. Interestingly, the backpack comes with a raincover and a d-hook; the former is perfect for frigid tenures and the d-hook is especially useful if you need to hook something in a hurry.
    Forest walks, snow and your Safari Seek is amongst the best backpacks when you need for this successful adventure.
  2. Tripole Colonel- Backpack
    Not all adventures need to have mountains, some can be beaches and water sports too. Kerala’s Kovlam Beach is a December to remember with sunbathing and the cool wind. You can skip the suitcase and grab a backpack; Tripole Colonel is big but light and works perfectly as a carry-on. It’s best feature though is the bottom compartment which has separate sections for shoes and dirty clothes. So all your sandy clothes and beach shoes can be packed away with ample of space for everything else.  
  3. Safari Drawstring - Backpack with raincover
    Everybody loves a good winter trek, covered in snow and with some gorgeous views of some of India’s most famous mountains: Nanda Devi and Dronagiri. Beginners and seasoned trekkers will get an adrenaline rush at the Kuari Pass snow trek. On this particular experience, it is important to have a bag that can withstand water; the Safari Drawstring backpack is a great option. Firstly, it’s bright color can be spotted amongst the snow flakes easily and, most importantly, it comes with a rain cover and generous space to accomodate all your essentials. Needless to say, this backpack is a keeper for all adventure lovers.
  4. Mokobara- The Cabin Luggage
    December is a great time to put on those dancing shoes. Goa, Dubai, Singapore and even Mumbai make for some great getaways. The adventure lies in discovering the city, eating great food and dancing the night away. For trips like this, Mokobara’s Cabin Luggage, in its numerous colors, is a perfect. Charge your phone, move the bag easily and pack up your best outfits to paint the town red. Mokobara’s Cabin Luggage is amongst the best luggage pieces in India so make sure to look hard.

  5. Safari Dorado
    How about some winter camping in the majestic Rann of Kutch? Come December and the white desert in Gujarat shines under the moonlit sky. The Rann Utsav runs till the early months of 2023 but December is a great time to experience this cultural festival. Best to pack your winter wear in Safari Dorado, a hard suitcase in a multiple colors. It’s dual wheels make it easy to push around even in the white sands of Kutch and it is extremely lightweight, so you can lug it all around with no trouble at all. And there is enough and more space to stuff in as many souvenirs as you like. Safari Dorado comes in three sizes: cabin, medium and large; while the first is a great getaway suitcase for a quick weekend, the other two are larger, more spacious and the best suitcases for a longer adventure ride, in case you decide to explore more of Gujurat.

  6. Wildcraft Grey & Orange Rucksack
    A hot favourite travel destination this year has been Vietnam. December calls for great weather and just what you need to walk around Ho Chi Minh, discover Hanoi and enoy the culture and delicious food of this upcoming tourist hotspot. Vietnam is best discovered as a backpacker, hence Wildcraft’s rugksack makes for great luggage. The multi-functional rucksack is spacious and comfortable to carry around. Moreover, it is made with a special abrasion resistant material and fabric with high tensile strength, making it great for long journeys.

  7. Skybag Trooper
    The Alps are calling this December. Spend winters in Switzerland’s most famous tourist destinations, Zurich. The capital city boasts of outstanding hotels and quaint mountain villages. You can always get on a train and discover nearby towns like Geneva, Interlaken, Lucerne and. Zermatt. A vacation like this demands for a stylish suitcase but with loads of storage. The Skybag Trooper is great looking and  the outer polycarbonate material is textured to make it scratch-resistant. The trolley handle and 360-degrees rotating wheels make it easy to carry, especially if you are switching cities whilst in Switzerland.
  8. Safari Duvet
    If international travel is on your mind, what better city to get your winter feeling pumped up than London? Adventure takes a whole new meaning when you amble through Christmas markets, pose with the Big Ben and gorge on delicious holiday treats. But when in London, your luggage must be top-notch stylish and have ample of space too. Safari Duvet stands out with its brigh yellow outer color, organized interiors and a functional outside pocket. This soft luggage piece is the perfect companion for families and solo travellers alike, more so when you are travelling to a bustling city like London.

    Now you are all set to escape this December with an adventure filled holiday. While Safari’s collection of backpacks and luggage have the perfect mix of style, comfort and space and are touted as the best backpack and luggage collection for men and women alike, Mokobara and Skybag is a close second when it comes to luggage that make vacations easy. Take your pick and travel away this season.


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