12 Best Hard side Luggage in 2022

12 Best Hard side Luggage in 2022

If your travel plans are in the making or you have locked your eyes on a destination, or you may want to just set out and see where the road takes you, there’s one step that you always miscalculate, i.e. How much should you carry with you? If you’re an over-packer and don’t mind carrying an extra pair of jeans or all that you’re just carrying are just bare necessities - you’ll always need the right luggage to match your packing style. 

Reliability is one of the prime factors when it comes to carrying luggage for long trips. Every time we say reliable, hard-shell luggage emerges as your go-to reliable and secure luggage type. The key difference lies in the material when it comes to soft luggage and hard shell luggage.s the name suggests, soft luggage is built from durable fabric materials whereas Hard-shells are made from Polycarbonates, which are very rigid, strong and durable and scratch-free material. 

Thus, to ease your packing woes, we have curated 12 best hard side luggage by going through hundreds of options and features, to bring you the only best, most trendy, durable and spacious Hard Shell Luggage.


Here are our recommendations for the BEST hard side luggage in 2022:


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Safari Ryder Hard Luggage

The all-rounder, perfect for all travel and packing styles


Safari Chroma Plus Hardshell Luggage

Most stylish, for all the fashionistas out there, this is your ideal island-hopping luggage

4.2/ 5

Samsonite Evoa Tech suitcase

Futuristic luxurious, for the elite travellers, features fingerprint lock and weighing scale


Mokobara The Check-in Luggage

Spacious and super organizer, perfect for over packers


Genie Glam Hard Luggage

Glamorous premium-quality luggage for international travel


Safari Volt Cabin Hard Luggage

Fully loaded cabin luggage for all the techie commuters


Samsonite Minter Luggage

Elegant and super smooth wheels, perfect for a long haul and travel


Safari Denim Pro Hardside Luggage

For denim lovers, trendy and functional. Perfect for a long vacation escapade


Nasher Miles Paris Luggage

Set of luggage, is super chic and bright. For the love escapade in style


Calvin Klein Cheer Luggage

For that sleek Calvin Klein look, the go-to option for medium-sized luggage


Mokobara The Cabin Pro

For the business commuter, created with a user-centric approach.


Safari Mosaic Combo Hardshell Luggage

It is Spacious, lightweight and secure. All in all, frequent traveller’s go-to choice - stylish and functional



The All-Rounder


Safari Ryder Hard Luggage

5 stars

“Excellent Product, Looks Fantastic, Quality is very good, very lightweight” ~ Suneet

If you want an all-rounder, that is lightweight, superior quality luggage, the no-brainer answer is Safari’s Ryder Hard Luggage. Built with spacious compartments and a 100% Polycarbonate material, which means it is built to last for a long and good time. It also has a TSA-approved 3-digit lock and a dual coil anti-theft zipper that makes sure you and your luggage are worry-free whenever you travel.

International Traveller Pro Tip: One should always look for a TSA-approved lock for international travel, as it is approved by TSA – Transportation Security Administration.

If you like to move quickly, this bag can keep up with your pace with an 8-wheeler 360-degree system, it practically glides over surfaces, so you and your last-minute plans are never late. PS – it can only go as fast as you can!

The Ryder luggage is built for that luxury finish, it comes in two very rich colours – Gun Metal and Midnight Blue. It looks as fantastic as it is functional. The shiny gloss takes the limelight whenever you travel. It complements your style so you never look dull even if that means you’re returning from your long vacation and have to get back to work!

Summary: It has all the safety (TSA | Antitheft Zipper) and comfort (360 Degree 8 wheels | Ergonomic Trolley Handle) features while being spacious and Stylish, ticking all the boxes for international travellers.

Buy it here (https://safaribags.com/product/safari-ryder-hard-luggage/909)


The Stylish Hard Luggage

Chroma plus

Safari Chroma plus Hard Luggage

4.2 Stars

“Nice product, good quality and Stylish”

The Chroma Plus hard luggage makes heads turn, whether you’re at the luggage carousel or are carrying it in the aeroplane. It is a strong, sturdy yet lightweight luggage bag that is perfect for your Vogue lifestyle – If you’re island hopping, go in style with this ultra-fashionable printed hard side luggage or a trip to Goa or Pondicherry! The lock is TSA approved and the luggage is built with a polycarbonate shell, so you can travel through multiple transits, and rugged terrains without worrying about your luggage and you can focus on your next experience during your vacation!

This luggage is also befitted with Dual Wheels, making it a super smooth experience while walking with it. The Chroma plus hard luggage comes in 3 sizes, Cabin, Medium and Large, so you have one for all your travel plans, cabin size is perfect for a day or 2’s worth of clothes on a short travel trip to the weekend getaway and for Business trips to a new city. Chroma Plus has been carefully built with little features perfect for travel – It has 2 compartments on one side of the shell, so you can organize as per your destination. We personally love the Chroma plus for its rich colours and design, super trendy and chic!

Summary: We would recommend you Chroma plus if you’re the one with the latest outfits, the one with the “ZING” If you like to get that airport look right, Chroma plus will be your ideal carrier

Buy it here ( https://safaribags.com/product/safari-chroma-plus-hard-luggage/916)




Samsonite EVOA Tech

4.1 Stars

“Ease of use combined with the right amount of tech, perfect for executives” 

Meet the future of luggage, Samsonite has brought the most futuristic piece of luggage for you, studded with all the features you can imagine and even some more. Built for business and leisure travel, this luggage features a fingerprint TSA lock, an inbuilt weighing scale and a Bluetooth proximity tracker!

A sturdy build with metallic corners so your luggage is well protected against any impact. The features are built keeping the modern-day traveller in mind and are crafted to look like the title we’ve given this luggage - futuristic.

On a more luxurious and expensive end, this luggage stands tall with everything you can ask for and more.

Summary: For Elite luxury business travellers who want their luggage to be completely decked out and have the best of the best features at their fingertips.

Buy it here (https://www.samsonite.in/samsonite/evoa-tech/sp-75/28-exp-nt/ss-140540-6342.html)


Super Organizer


Mokobara The Check-in Luggage

4.6 Stars

“Great bag- Smart, Sturdy, packs in a lot and the wheels are smooth”  ~ KB

As cool as Ice, Mokobara’s The Check-in Luggage is an absolute beauty when it comes to simple, minimal with punchy colours. This limited edition luggage has carefully crafted features to make your travel a better experience, perfect for the long haul. All the over packers can now guilt-free pack all that they like in this luggage. It has multi compartments to store everything perfectly. Numerous compartments, straps and sections make it ideal for all the packing styles.

Since it is a limited edition, you can get your name engraved on the suitcase so your suitcase is never lost.

Summary: A perfect choice for packers be it for a long haul or a short trip over the weekend, travel with a personalised limited edition suitcase that represents you!

Buy it here ( https://mokobara.com/products/the-check-in-luggage-trolley-bags-online)


All that Glam


Genie Glam Gold hard Luggage

4.7 Stars

“Very good product, scratch-free, lightweight and sturdy, value for money”

Here’s one for the people who like to make heads turn, the ones who carry that glam on them and would like to match their luxurious and enchanting personality with their luggage. Genie Glam Gold hard shell luggage is the most bewitching piece of luggage on this list with a premium and glitzy metallic gold finish, this luggage is befitted with a TSA lock, 360 degrees 8 wheels, and comes with a vanity pouch to stow away your essentials.

Built with a 100% polycarbonate shell, make its impact and scratch-resistant so your GLAM doesn’t fade away. Beautifully crafted with a user-centric approach, this luggage is sure to take the onlooker’s breath away.

Summary: It is perfect for all who want to make sure their personality is reflected perfectly while carrying everything in a pristinely organized manner. Perfect for all the fashionistas.

Buy it here (https://genietravel.com/product/glam-gold-large-size-luggage/38)


The Fully Loaded


Safari Volt Cabin Hard Luggage

4.7 Stars

“Worth buying product for cabin luggage, I would recommend for all those travelling overseas”

This hardshell luggage is one of the most decked out cabin sized luggage we’ve come across in our research. It is the PERFECT luggage for the Urban Traveller, be it a work-cation to a beachside city or to calm off high mountains, Safari Volt meets your requirements all in one bag.

The luggage comes with a USB port on the side so you can charge your devices on the go, it has 2 USB ports to charge simultaneously. Not just this, Volt has multiple compartments to keep your tech goodies very handy and in a separate easily accessible front compartment to satisfy all the pro-organizers. Even within the main compartment, it has 2 sides to fit all your garments perfectly in good condition.

It has a separate laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve and organizer nets in the front compartments to fit a 17” laptop very comfortably, thus being a complete packing solution.

Summary: Available in cabin size and thus works fantastically as your go-to cabin carrier. So you can leave the heavy lifting to the bigger sized bags while you carry this portable power house-cum-lightweight organizer with you everywhere!

Buy it here ( https://safaribags.com/product/safari-volt-hard-luggage/911)

The Gliding Smooth


Samsonite Minter

5.0 Stars

“Easy to manoeuvre and reliable”

The executive traveller’s choice, Samsonite Minter is a part of samsonite’s spinner collection. Befitted with gliding smooth spinner wheels to make your carrying experience as smooth as possible. This trolley hard luggage is for business trip travellers featuring a sophisticated and luxurious design. The bag has dual suspension wheels to make sure all that bumpy ride does not cause a hassle.

Consciously designed suitcase with 100% recycled PET bottles making your travel choice the most environmentally conscious one. The luggage is the most environmentally friendly luggage on our list which makes it perfect for all the conscious buyers.

Summary: It is a luxurious and sophisticated suitcase for business travellers who like to make conscious choices for their travel.


A la Mode

Denim Pro

Safari Denim Pro

4.3 Stars

“Quality is good. It looks stylish and pretty. Quality of the product meets to the brand name mentioned on it” ~ Gagan

Inspired by the original workwear, Safari’s Denim Pro is an ode to the timeless fashion piece we all love and wear – The classic Blue Jeans. The Fabulous high-quality design of the denim Pro Suitcase is loved by all, from the new age explorers to business meet travellers, Denim pro- fits for all. It not only amps up your style statement but also is super secure and spacious.

The Safari Denim pro has an Anti-Theft Zipper which makes life easier for you but not for the pickpockets trying to break open your bag. To make things even more secure, the Denim Pro is fitted with a TSA Approved, 3 digit lock which is very easy to set code for and is international travel ready!

The quality of Safari Denim Pro stands out not just because of its design but also because it is scratch and impact-resistant, so your Denim Bag, looks as fresh as your drip!


Summary: Travel overseas without a worry with the TSA approved lock, Impact and Scratch resistant luggage, which makes life easier and makes a style statement – Safari Denim pro should be your choice. Uncompromising features while looking absolutely “fly”!

Buy it here (https://safaribags.com/product/safari-denim-pro-hard-luggage/915)


The Jazzy Set


Nasher Miles Paris

4 Stars

“The colour is just so cool. too smooth to move around, sturdy” ~ Baljit

Straight from the beautiful bridges of Paris to you, Nasher Miles Paris is a part of their Pont des arts pedestrian inspired design, made with love as an inspiration. The colours of this luggage make it stand out immediately even in the most crowded of locations. It is a lightweight hard suitcase that has roomy compartments and mesh pockets to carefully stow away your items in an organized manner. If you’re travelling to the city of love or making your way to the fashion capital, you need to make sure your ‘drip’ is top-notch.

Summary: Go for this Nasher mile hard luggage, it comes in various vivid colours that will absolutely alleviate your look and style statement travelling to your dream vacation.

Buy it here : https://www.nashermiles.com/products/luggage/luggage-sets/nasher-miles-paris-hard-sided-polypropylene-luggage-set-of-2-yellow-trolley-bags-65-75-cm


Smart and Secure


Calvin Klein Cheer Trolley Suitcase

3.9 Stars

“Classy and Quality, justice to the brand” ~ Swaminath

The brand name comes with justifiable quality.If you’re the one to always adorn your fashion style and if you have your loyalties towards wearing and carrying the best of the best, Calvin Kelin’s Cheer trolley suitcase is here to win your heart. The suitcase is built of ABS material and comes with a TSA lock. Though the suitcase is stylish and tough, one should always be aware that the material is an important aspect when purchasing hard luggage or a trolley suitcase. A 100% PC i.e  Polycarbonate shell is a much more durable, sturdy and scratch-resistant premium material.

Summary: The Calvin Klein Cheer trolley suitcase is well built with a good textured sleek look and if this is the look that you carry, this hardshell luggage will carry your elegance with you.

Buy it here:https://www.flipkart.com/calvin-klein-cheer-cabin-suitcase-20-inch/p/itmc0225d6760ad4 


The Business Commuter


Mokobara The Cabin Pro

4 Stars

“Very thoughtful design, easy access electronics and bag quality is also very good” ~ Amal

Keep your security check inconveniences aside, the new Cabin pro luggage from Mokobara is the modern, sleek upgrade to the boring cabin hard luggage. Built with the traveller’s convenience in mind, The Cabin pro features a USB charging feature and a place to conveniently slide in your power bank so you can charge without having to manage the cables. This cabin size hardshell luggage is perfect for those travellers who want everything at their fingertips and quick access to the contents of the luggage anywhere and everywhere.

The luggage also features very smooth and silent Hinomoto wheels and strong build quality.

Summary: This cabin sized luggage fits your quick access needs on the go and works like a charm for your air travels across cities or overseas. This should be your go-to option if you already have sorted out your heavy lifting luggage.

Buy it here: https://mokobara.com/products/the-cabin-pro?variant=39967880347718


The Spacious and Smooth


Safari Mosaic Combo Set

4.5 Stars

“Excellent Product….Highly recommended…” ~ Manoshi

A perfect amalgamation of Durability, design and master craft to add style and elegance to your move – Safari Mosaic hard-shell luggage. Built with spacious interiors and organizers to offer maximum space to you. Packing and carrying will never feel so easy, Mosaic has 360-degree spinner wheels that make you feel like that song we all love a “Smoooth operator”

The Mosaic Set comes in a set of 3, all 3 can be nested inside each other making storage an easy task for you. It is built-in with a fixed combination lock so you’re never worried about someone breaking into your valuables. Built with a polycarbonate hard shell, the suitcase is built to be with you for years to come.

Summary: If you like a nice premium texture and would prefer a smooth ride, Safari Sway is the correct luggage you should opt for, with a set of 3 you’ll have one size for all your different travel destinations and occasions.

Buy it here:  https://safaribags.com/product/safari-mosaic-combo-set-cabin-medium-large/987



There are plenty of hardshell luggages to choose from, which is why we’ve tried to curate the most comprehensive list of hardshell luggages with all the features they have to make your task of choosing your travel luggage a tad bit easier. As far as choosing one of the best, we would say Safari luggages have been india’s choice for years to come, it’s the brands we all trust but rest assured all the hardshell luggages mentioned have great build quality and have different features for you to choose as per your travelling needs.

Happy travelling ! 



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