The Perfect Luggage For Your Next Big Vacay

The Perfect Luggage For Your Next Big Vacay

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Travel in style and with the right luggage size

It’s no secret that traveling comes with a whole lot of joy; new adventures, new cities, new cuisines, what’s not to love, right? But there are two sides to this; as much as one enjoys a good break, there is always that stress of packing. Every traveler faces a dilemma each time they hit the road: what size suitcase do I need? One would think this is a no-brainer and fairly easy to figure out but in reality, the size of your suitcases really does affect your entire trip.

There are so many options available with a multitude of features and, above everything else, there is a variety of designs and colors too! How is one supposed to pick the perfect luggage piece for their travels?

But, worry not! Whether you are a wanderlust who loves long vacays and large suitcases or someone who enjoys a mini-break with quick cabin luggage, we give you a list of Safari luggage that will make every trip easy and memorable.

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Why Buy

Safari Chroma Plus Hard Luggage

Perfect for long vacations, quirky design, scratch-resistant

Safari Denim Soft Luggage

For the 48-hour traveller, very stylish, the fabric is premium and durable

Safari Thorium

A combination lock, wheels, detailed interiors & a very bright red exterior

Safari Cargo Neo

International travels ,hard outer shell, & in three colors

Safari ARC Polyester Travel Duffle

Wheels, 73 liters worth of space

Safari Duvet

TSA-approved lock, anti-theft zipper

Safari Sonic

A pop of colour, 360 degree maneuverable wheels & a scratch-resistant shell

 Safari Decoy

integrated 3-Digit TSA-approved lock

Safari Oasis

Exciting print, Fixed Combination lock

1. For the long haul

Vacations that last for weeks usually include multiple spots, family, and shopping.Two weeks(or more) is long enough to explore a whole new city. But the question remains: what size suitcase do you need? For local and international trips alike, the Safari Chroma Plus Hard Luggage is a great option. 


Image courtesy: Safari Bags

First up, this suitcase is a super funky color so don’t think it will get lost. Its polycarbonate shell makes it scratch-resistant and durable so walk through as many cobblestoned streets as you like. Additionally, this suitcase comes with a TSA lock that will keep your belongings safe and dual wheels for easy mobility. It is ample space for a solo traveler to explore the world, one city at a time. And it is perfect for families travelling with kids; there is lots of storage space for all that extra shopping.

Bonus: The quirky design will make sure that you can spot it from a distance.

Final verdict: Long holidays with the family are now sorted!
You can purchase the suitcase on the Safari website.

2. For the weekend getaway

A quick short trip to the nearby mountains or beach town. We all do love long holidays but sometimes a quick 48-hour retreat is all we can manage. In times like these, ditch your massive hard luggage and opt for something that small and easy to take around. You know what they say, when in doubt just denim it out! For that quick holiday to Goa or your nearest hill station, the Safari Denim Soft Luggage is the perfect luggage size.


Image courtesy: Safari Bags

This denim swanky cabin luggage can also double up as the ideal size for off-sites.  The interiors come with multiple pockets and a flap for electronics like your laptop. The fabric is premium and durable and there is enough space to pack in enough clothes to last you through the weekend.

Final verdict: Mix work, pleasure and shopping; your laptop, clothes and souvenirs will have enough space.

You can purchase the suitcase on the Safari website.

3. The Girls Vacay

Think bachelorette trips!Ladies, are you planning a trip with #travelsquad? And are you still trying to figure out what kind of luggage and which suitcase size to carry? The  Safari Thorium combination is all you need. The dual set comes in a small and a medium-sized hard suitcase with a combination lock, wheels, and detailed interiors. It has been crafted to add style and elegance to every holiday goer! Most importantly, the surface has been created to be anti-scratch, which means that no amount of friction will make this piece lose its shine. And the bright red interiors give it a hint of style too! Imagine this for your next week-long Bali, Goa, or Pondicherry trip with the girls! 


Image courtesy: Amazon India
Final verdict: Just the right size for a memorable girls trip.
You can purchase this combination here.

4. International Vacays

When the destination is far and the journey very long.The summer of 2022 will be incomplete without a trip abroad. The coasts of California, the islands of Greece, or even the busy streets of New York City are ready to be explored and discovered.  Travelling internationally comes with a myriad of challenges; the biggest being- what luggage to carry and which suitcase size is big enough for your stylish clothes and shopping. Behold Safari Cargo Neo, a classy eclectic piece with a TSA-approved lock, hard outer shell, and ample space in the interiors. 

Safari Cargo Neo is available in 3 ravishing colors: Gun Mental, Magenta Purple, and Metallic Blue.
All three can be purchased from the safari website
Final verdict: International travel is no longer a task, you can wheel through the airports easily.
Image courtesy: Safari Bags.

5. The Roadtripper

Local transport, bikes, and (usually)a last-minute planFasted your car seatbelt, play your favorite playlist, and hit the open road this summer! Road trips are always fun; they are a great way to reconnect with nature and spend time with your loved ones of all age groups. It is also the easiest way to leave the hustle and bustle of a city for some much-needed me-time. For those in the national capital, there are numerous options, ranging from Rajasthan to the hills. For Mumbaikars, the tiny hill stations around the Western Ghats have been a much-loved attraction. In addition to these, India boasts of gorgeous vistas around the country that make for the most beautiful holidays. In times like these, it is best to travel light and small. Safari ARC Polyester Travel Duffle makes for a great companion. With a large external pocket, wheels, and 73 liters worth of space, this duffle can hold all your belongings and travel with you.


Image courtesy: Amazon IndiaFinal verdict:  It may look small but the interiors make it a great travel companion
You can purchase this here

6. Business Trips Galore

Work offsites, official meetings, and staying in fancy hotelsNot all travel is a pleasure, sometimes it can come mixed with a little bit of work too. Packing effectively is crucial for business travellers;  the right suitcase size should be able to contain all formal wear along with something comfortable as well. More importantly, the bag needs to be sturdy, durable, and maneuverable. A great solution and the answer to “what size suitcase will I need for my office trip” rests right here: Safari Duvet. Adapting to the demands of the modern business traveller and build to last; this bag comes with a TSA-approved lock that adds security and dual wheels that increase stability. It also comes with an anti-theffy zip,which makes it difficult to break open.


Image courtesy: Safari Bags
Final verdict: The right size for your next business escapade.
This can be purchased via our website.  

7. The Shopaholic 

The one who travels to shop. Are you the kind of person who loves collecting souvenirs while on the go? If shopping is on your list of things to do while hitting a new city, it is advisable to carry a large suitcase and pack smartly aka leave some room inside, so that you can fit all the things that you buy on your trip. And even if you aren’t the biggest shopper, carrying a large suitcase will help; you may find something you’ve been looking for forever. For such traveler, the Safari Sonic combo is the perfect match.

Image courtesy: Amazon India. The set of three makes it ideal for anybody who wants to shop to their heart’s content. Each suitcase comes with 360 degree easily maneuverable wheels, a textured polycarbonate scratch-resistant shell, and a beautiful printed pattern. They are light and with enough space to stuff in all your travel goodies. Final verdict: Big, bold and in a set of three so three times the space. You can purchase the trio here

8. The Solo Traveler

The main focus is security. Even for a solo traveler, the correct size of the luggage is essential; it needs to be light so that they can easily lug it around and come with security settings. Safari Decoy in a small or medium makes for a great travelling bud. With its integrated 3-Digit TSA-approved lock and guaranteed security, this bag is just right.


Image courtesy: Safari Bags

Final verdict: The design is a head-turner and the medium is a great size for last-minute plans. You can purchase this here

9. The Group Guy

Travelling with the tribe #TravelSquadGoalsIf you are someone who travels with an entire clan; could be friends, family, or even a tourist group, you must carry a classy suitcase. Usually, such trips are long and you are, again, stuck with “which suitcase should I carry?” But remember that in a group setting, it is best to stand out. Safari Oasis is the answer for every traveler who sets out in a group and for over a week. 


Image courtesy: Amazon India

The most distinguishing factor about this hard luggage is its design: the printed outer makes it easy to spot. The interiors are designed especially for easy and leisure travel, with enough space for outfits worth 2 weeks and a toilet kit. In addition to all this, it has 100 liters capacity. The  Polycarbonate shell ensures that along with style it also endures all the ups and downs during your trip. The fixed combination lock keeps your belongings secure and the Trolley and Wheels ensure you move around your luggage smoothly.

Final verdict: Trendy, hip and a whole lot of space 

The world has opened up and it’s time for you to hit the road with Safari bags. From business trips to long-drawn family vacations and solo holidays, there is a bag for every kind of traveler and holiday. Almost every suitcase comes with size variations: small, medium and large. The small is ideal cabin luggage while medium and large are perfect for check-in. The features of each piece are unique but they all come with functions that make travelling easy. With Safari, you are bound to get the right size in suitcases. And that makes every trip memorable and better than the last. Pick Safari, choose from its wide range of pieces and you never have to answer “ which suitcase should I carry?” again.


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